1947 Aeronca 11CC Super Chief
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Established in Cincinnati Ohio in 1928 the Aeronautical Corp. of America produced its first aircraft, the Aeronca C2 in 1929 and is considered to be the first commerically successful manufacturer of general aviation aircraft. The company produced aircraft up until 1951.

They prodcued outstanding scout and observation aircraft for World War Two and from these designed built civilian versions that were remarkable in their safety, durability and obviously, their longevity. Perhaps the most noteable desiign was the Champion which was sold to the Champion Aircraft company and later acquired by Bellanca.

The largest production for Aeronca were the versions of the side by side aircraft know as the Chief and Super Chief. The Champion was tandem seating but there was a stronger market for the side by side arrangement of the 11AC (Chief) and the 11CC (Super Chief). These aircraft were typical construction of the day using a steel airframe with fabric covering and wood wings, fabric covered. This aircraft shown here has a maximum take off weight of 612 Kgs (1358 lbs) and has an empty weight of only 820 lbs. The Chief had a 65 hp engine while this one was powered by an 85 hp Continental.

With two people on board and full fuel the 11CC should chug along at 97 mph but has a limited range of only 370 miles. The cool thing about this aircraft is the safe landing speed, it does not stall until 42 mph and needs about 620 feet to get off the ground and 860 feet to land.

The owner of this aircraft is from Saskatoon but he is not alone in seeing the world from the windows of a Super Chief as there are believed to be more than a 1,000 of these planes flight worthy around the world.

The year this plane was built Aeronca introduced the first four place general aviation aircraft, the Aeronca Sedan which was all metal and more than 200 were made before the company ended aircraft production.

Timothy W. Shire

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