Beech Bonanza A36 (1977)

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The A36 was introduced in 1968 and is actually a stretched version of the original airframe so that this machine has double doors for the club seating as this aircraft can accommodate six passengers. When first introduced it had a 285hp engine but the 1977 is fitted with a 300hp six cylinder Continental with a three blade prop. The best cruise speed is 176Knots and it has a range with reserve of 914 nautical miles.

As with all aircraft fuel and passenger load affect all performance numbers. This aircraft has a gross weight of 1633 kilograms.

The six passenger A36 is extremely popular but Beech churns only about eighty new machines out each year.


It is considered by its pilots as the ultimate single engine aircraft built with the sturdy and refined standards of a manufacturer who has built great airplanes throughout its history. As for that history look over the story we did on the "v" tailed version in
July of 1999.

But great aircraft do not come cheap. The lowest price found for an A36 was a very high time aircraft with its engines run out and it was $150,000US.

A 1977 A36 with 3,370 hours on its airframe and new engine and prop was listed in California for $253,000 Canadian dollars. This puts this aircraft at the very high end of the private aircraft scale.

Timothy W. Shire

Ken McInturff Aircraft Sales 1977 A36 $239,900 "1977 BEECH/RAYTHEON A36 MACHEN BONANZA - 2880 TT, 660 SFRM, 350 SPOH, $239,900, Apollo 2001 VFR GPS with Argus 5000 Moving map display "
Specs on the 2003 version A36
4807 total time 1975 A36 for $169,900US
1978 A36 Dennis Doyle aircraft acquisitions " 4080 TT, 670 SFAC, Collins Micro Line Avionics, S-TEC 60 Autopilot, Apollo GPS, Factory Air, NDH, Part 135 Ready, Recent P&I, Very Nice, $239,000 "
Tulsair description of the A36 with pictures
Scott Lee’s 1977 A36 $169,900
California 1977 A36 with 0 time on engine and props airframe 3370, $185,000


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