CP Repairs Crossing
FTLComm - Tisdale - January 24, 2001

There is no doubt about the volume of heavy traffice that passes over the CP crossing just East of the intersection of highways #3 and #35 as the CP repair crew closed the highway this morning to make repairs.

In order to protect the rails at railroad crossings the practice is to lay a rail on its side beside the rail, called a "flange rail". In this case the heavy East bound traffic has gradually moved the flange away from the rail and its time to replace it or restore it to its original and proper position.

In order to make these repairs it is a major undertaking. The pavement has to be removed the whole wideth of this diagnal highway rail crossing. To do this a diamond saw is used to slice through the road surface. Then the material must be removed, the flange rail repositioned and spiked into place. As it is winter the pavement will be replaced with a crossing plank.

It is interesting to note that the workmen said that this job is actually easier to do in the winter than in the summer as the diamond saw cuts easier and cleaner with low temperatures. The crew expected to get the job finished just shortly after lunch time today.