FTLComm - Tisdale - November 5, 2000
There is room in this world for people with ideas and who will stand for what they believe in. When we saw Canada entering a Free trade deal with America David Orchard said "no" and he did so passionately and convincingly. When Canada and other NATO countries bombed Yugoslavia David Orchard said "no" and stated his strong belief in a better way to handle the outrages of ethnic cleansing. The guys comes from a heritage of people who stand up and speak their mind having grew up only miles from the home of John Diefenbaker and how he too is running in John's old riding asking voters to send him to Ottawa.
Yesterday I told you that what we as Western voters did not matter that the election will be decided in Ontario is true but this is only one election and there will be others and our country has a chance if it looks around and see alternatives to idological division and political pork barrelling. We in Saskatchewan have never gotten to wound up in the ideology but have placed more emphasis on the importance of political views being directed toward the good. The supports of Tommy Douglas voted for John Diefenbaker in federal elections and those people voted for Tommy provincially as did John's supporters. Because they saw good in both.
David Orchard is a man of determination and he really believes in the potential of this country, he believes in the good things and we can be certain that one way or another he will stand up and make his views known. That is what democracy is all about and this guy is a man who might really make a difference.
You do what you want, but after looking over the Alliance's policies and the scary and conflicting thoughts of Brian Fitzpatrick I will be voting for David Orchard just as I supported John Diefenbaker this man could do good things for this country.
The fact that he is running as a Progressive Conservative doesn't bother me. Above all I know where David Orchard stands, there is no quibbling and half witted emotional baggage. Orchard has stated his belief in the restoration of the Crow, I agree with that, he wants to see something done about the Americanisation of Canada and I like that, he advocates a just and proper treatment of Canada's First Nations people and I sure agree with that, so for this election he's my man.
Timothy W. Shire