Contextual Awareness

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, April 11, 2003
The whole is where the parts are found and often the whole determines the nature of the parts to be found.

The context, the setting, the situation, the atmosphere often tell us far more than the details of a specific item. I can snap a picture showing a lady getting her mail from a mailbox in the post office but that only gives us the details of her and what she is doing. To get a view of the surroundings the picture above shows not only the lady, the post office boxes, but also the photographer (in most pictures I paint him out of the picture if he shows up in a reflection) all of the elements and a great deal more, the floor, the tiles in the hanging ceiling, a ceiling fan the entrance way, a huge garbage can which is one of three, the most prominent feature in the post office is dealing with what is not wanted.

Yesterday Mario deSantis told us about the context of bashing his car and how SGI would handle his claim and that if they did it would cost him more for insurance and license but they would not tell him how much more.

To illustrate the part of his story that dealt with his feelings about society being on autopilot he sent along this image of a fellow on the deck of an aircraft carrier in the Gulf man handling half a ton of bombs. Those are five hundred pound ordinance. I cut out the picture and pasted it into the composite image you saw yesterday and as I did that I was struck but the context. What Mario was talking about was in that image. Let me show you what I mean.

You remember the 95% use of “smart munitions” the Mark-82 bombs in the invasion of Iraq, seen here are dumb “iron bombs”. Here is some interesting information on the Mark-82snake-eye” (the snake eye is the same name given the SE version of the weapon and is laser guided)

Apparently this munitions can be modified to be laser directed but these shown in this picture are the “slick” version, non-precision weapon

A simple explanation of the Mk82 general purpose dumb bomb

As seen in this picture, they are made by Nad Crane and cost the US tax payer a mere $268.50 each.

The impact fuses for each bomb is removed for safety handling on the carrier deck. The bag worn by #40 slung over his shoulder, contains the fuses and mounting hardware to install the bombs on the F-18 racks. He also appears to be carrying a portable air wrench to speed his work on the plane he is arming.

The dolly is interesting as well, it has a handle for the right hand and a lock down system for the ordinance. When you see these details it becomes plain the extent of design and focus of a society on developing weapons of mass destruction. The dolly and the bombs have no function other than the destruction of human life. A very sad statement about the level of a culture.

Timothy W. Shire



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