Ultimate solutions

FTLComm - Tisdale - November 2, 2005

To save you time so you can just look at the pictures, this story is quite simply the concept, that everything is at its basic level "a work in progress" and we need to develop awareness that ultimate solutions are just rhetoric.

This morning on CBC's "the Current" Anna Marie Tremonti was discussing the Gomery report with federal Liberal cabinet minister Scott Brisson and he repeated several times that the foresight by Prime Minister Martin to push forward with the Gomery inquiry was to "prevent this kind of thing ever happening again." Now the Gomery inquiry is truly old news, we have talked about federal government Quebec corruption on this web site for more than four years and as far as I am concerned, enough said. But the idea that this inquiry and its report is going to solve the problem of government corruption is just plain silly.


You may have heard a report that some agricultural study thinks that putting the GST on food and directing that revenue would be the "solution" for the unprofitable agricultural economy. If this makes sense to you, you haven't been paying attention, because we have had so many special taxes that ear mark money for some problem; like a gas tax to buy a national oil company that is then sold off to the private sector, a gas tax to build roads and 5% of that tax is spent on roads and all of them in Quebec. Or, a surtax on air travel to pay for security measures that is netting the government enormous profits. The chance of farmers seeing any of the supposed GST on food would be just as likely as musicians seeing any of the money on the tax levelled on blank CDs and hard drives in Canada to compensate them for stolen revenue from pirated music on the Internet. These things just don't work.


The family of the late Neil Stonechild are suing some Saskatoon death squad policemen and the mother of the murder youth said on Tuesday that they were going forward with the suit so that "this wouldn't happen again."

The Roman Catholic churchh in Canada, part of the richest religion in the world, said they have scraped together $29 million to offer boarding school students compensation for the harm done to them. Is this just another ultimate solution.

You can look through the news any day, Canada, US, or the world, and you will come across numerous references to solutions "final solutions" being put forward, be they for terrorism, bird flu, lung cancer, bad breath or bad language on television, and all of these can be dismissed with a single blink, as we have to wonder if these folks who propose these ultimate solutions would be able to successfully handle kindergarten.

This does not mean that new things should not be attempted, but from the long view the most powerful country in this continent is being lead by fellow with an MBA, need I say more? With some perspective, we should realise that little by little works, quick fixes and drastic measures are just for show, they are things to do to make it appear that something is being done. Success and improvement comes from working at a problem, making serious improvements, making mistakes and trying new things that might work better for the time in which they are attempted. The only sure thing, and don't forget this, is that everything changes.


Timothy W. Shire


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