Some Tisdale folks have feathers
FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, February 6 2008

Have wings and feathers does not make us wise or all knowing, but it does give us a decidedly different perspective on things and if ever there was a need for perspective, humans in 2008 seem most in need of some reality awareness.

The first things humans need to learn from us Ravens is that surviving in difficult climatic and environmental conditions is absolutely paramount. It would seem that the humans of Canada have only a modest clue about the mess they are making of things and the remarkable need there is to clean up the junk they spew into the air, into the land fills and down the drain. As a scavenger, we Ravens know about these things, and though we can take advantage of human waste, there are limits and those limits are definitely being exceeded.

Surprising, as it may seem, both provincial and federal governments now in power are very short on understanding the mess we are all in and the shocking danger that human activity has to all life. Quite simply, humans you need to smarten up.


We Ravens have to make due with the world in which we are born to and life is hard enough without waging and engaging in conflicts with others of our species. It is appalling that humans are involved in the horror of killing one another, no matter how the cause is supposed to be noble, the facts are straight forward, killing is uncivilised, torture is uncivilised. Can you imagine a Raven executing a fellow Raven, or hurting one to find out some secret. Purely unthinkable. Yet the word is that Canada's humans are actively engaged in a war on the other side of the planet that can not be won, has no clear reason for being carried out and victory might only be accomplished if the population of Afghanistan is eliminated. What possible logic is there in being there and how could anyone make a reasonable argument to continue now, or in the future involvement in a pointless conflict?


Though we are very socially conscious, we as a species are completely without government. The laws of nature and survival dictate our behaviour and sadly, we are limited by our genetic nature to require no overall control of our lives. Perhaps this is related to the fact that we have no need for material possessions, or infrastructure, we can, and do, get by with what is at hand. It would appear that this is not the case for humans, so we lack the ability to voice opinion, or advice on these matters. Though most certainly, humans seem dramatically in need of guidance when it comes to governance. It appears as though the social organisations of life is extended and compounded into a bewildering mess with mystical ideologies and misconceptions of all kinds interferring in what would seem like common sense. With this problem we Ravens extend to human Canadians our deepest sympathy, you are in trouble and really need to rethink the way things are going.

Raven interpreter, Timothy W. Shire

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