Enough already
FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When Stephen Harper and his Reform / Alliance / Conservatives came to power in a minority government the experts told us that on average Canadian minority governments can have a useful life of two years. When the Liberal Party selected a non-English speaking academic as their leader the experts reminded us that in the history of the party all of the Liberal leaders in the past served at least one term in office as Prime Minister.

As a result of this and historical circumstances Canadians have been pretty complacent about the sad state of affairs that we find ourselves when it comes to the federal government of the country. Canadians are a moderate middle of the road bunch and the right wing party that forms the government is hardly representational of the people's views of this country. However, with a minority situation Canadians felt that the weird right wing stuff that is common place south of the border would not affect our way of life and standard of living. Essentially Canadians are comfortable with a minority government at least for a reasonable length of time.


I believe that we have exceeded that time. We need to sort out our federal political situation so that Canadians once more can have some confidence in their government especially with the prospect of a truly unpleasant economic recession on the horizon. Canada's safety belt of social institutions and economic structure are essential to what is Canadian and the continued prospects of an Albertan style Republicanism is really unsettling.

Yesterday one of the major investment banks of the United States failed. Its stock went from $170 a share to $2.00. The reason that happened is most likley extremely complex but it is related directly to that bank making business decisions to benefit itself and those being wrong decisions. The amazing thing is that the so-called free market government of the George W. Bush administration took a vast amount of tax payers money to prop up this failing business. Were I an American I think I would be pretty upset that my money is going to fill the pockets of a tiny number of investment bankers.

The reason I tell you this story about the Bear Stearn Bank is that I fear that the effects of the downturn in the economy is going to cross the border in a big way and our federal government that suffers from extreme Bush adulation and envy will take similar measures here in Canada. Money for the rich in time of social need.


Now let us consider the results of yesterday's by-elections. In Ontario and B.C. three Liberal seats were held by the opposition which should be encouraging to the leader but in Saskatchewan. The decision to place a former NDP cabinet minister as the candidate for the riding turned out to be a massive failure as more than 6,000 Liberal voters did not cast their ballots for the Liberal candidate. Definitely they were sending their leader a message, the democratic process must be followed in a democracy.

Last week, a bill to extend the abiliity for people to stash money away to pay for their children's university came up for a vote in the house. This happened immediately after the house voted on a bill to extend Canada's participation in the fruitless conflict in Afghanistan. The House of Commons was full and 80 Liberal MPs did not vote on the bill dealing with improving funding for students to go to university.

Enough is enough already. The Liberals with their weak leader refuse to bring down the government and Canadians are facing an economic crisis that needs a responsible socially aware government to deal with the issues that will come up,

It is time for the Liberals to wish their leader a fond fairwell, go with one of the runners up in their leadership race and take their case to the voters of Canada. Canadians are more than ready for an election and if Harper and his pro-American buddies get back in at least they will have some legitimacy.

Timothy W. Shire

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