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FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, November 2, 2006

Learning the details as to why a nine year old girl was killed yesterday afternoon on Regina's ring road isn't going to make any difference. The people in the picture above do not have to run to get out of the way of the on coming truck, they are running out of courtesy so the truck driver can make his way up to the four way stop. In Tisdale, we have a 40kph speed limit on our streets and rarely do people dash around much faster, with the exception of the highway traffic slashing into town without regard for the people living here.

The reality is, that a driver of a motor vehicle has the responsiblity not to drive into a person walking, riding a bike, or driving another vehicle. The idea is simple, don't run into anybody. That's why the 40K speed limit in Tisdale makes sense and that's why Tisdale folks respect that speed limit.

Think about it, when was the last time you saw a police car haul over a speeder in Tisdale? Was it a week ago, a month ago, last year some time, actually it may happen, but it is a rarity. If you keep in mind the idea that running your vehicle into another vehicle, or a person, is a bad thin,g the speed limit is pretty well unnecessary.

At about sixteen I was in full teenage rebellion and my Dad expalined to me that he had talked to the principal at school and she had noticed that I was out of line, a little more than needed. He said I had an attitude problem. Now I immediately tried to figure out what I had to do to change my attitude and I was overwhelmed with the problem. After all, attitude is the way a person thinks about things and that process seems to come upon each individual all on its own and changes ever so slowly. I knew at the time he was right and that I was getting into far more trouble than necessary, but solving the problem was really difficult, I think it took about forty years.

What is the objective when you get behind the wheel of a car? Is it to get some where, or to demonstrate some "attitude." When a vehicle cuts you off, be thankful you did not crash, anger over being insulted is just damn foolish. One of the worst things a person can do is make some childish gesture with their hand and fingers, because what that tells you, is that person doesn't know why he or she is behind the wheel of a car.

But, attitude is far more than driving a car, or wearing your hat in a restaurant, it goes deep into the way a person thinks and I feel shame and embarassment because of the way women politicians, on both sides of the border, are treated. Horrible comments about Sheila Copps, Belinda Stronach, or Hillary Clinton, all are part of an attitude problem and one that must make us all feel shame.

The spurned boy friend of Belinda Stronach is no less than the number two guy in Canada's government and yet there are more than a few indications he made disparaging remarks about his former sweetheart and then lied about those remarks. That should not surprise us because lying comes easy to Peter MacKay, just ask David Orchard about that. But for a radio and newspaper commentator to call the woman a female dog just sickens me.

At about age nine there is a shift in the way people relate to one another, they become more and more aware of others and realise that the world can not and does not revolve around them. This stage of awareness is when we begin to work on friendships and alliances, its when we then expand that awareness to encompass others, that we learn to have some manners, show proper respect and act in a responsible manner, so we don't hurt other people. What we have to develop is an attitude of social regard and it must become a part of every responsible maturing person. Running over people with a car is not good, calling others names to humiliate and belittle them is just not sporting and the list is never finished, it keeps on growing as our awarreness continues.

You need space in front of your car for you to recognise danger and be able to execute a stop in order to avoid a collision. Over drive your headlights, speedING beyond your reaction time and visibility and you are a menace to all things that may find themselves in front of your vehicle. Drivers do jump stop signs, go through yield signs, ignore red lights and your survival depends on you being able to avoid being the victim or such an error. Being in the right is not going to save your life.

Consider what it is that you are trying to achieve in life and aim for that goal without causing problems for others, that's what responsible life is all about. If attitude adjustment is necessary, get to work on it.



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