--Awards Night At Red Earth's High School

FTLComm - Red Earth
June 18, 1999

A complex but productive school year is coming close to its end as students had their last regular day of classes Thursday following the final inspection and the declaration that the reconstruction project is over. The construction crew packed up and left and a new lawn was laid around John William Head Memorial Education Centre.

So, indeed it was a good time to look at the year's achievements. The staff had organised the evening with a lunch first and the school buses went to work transporting people to the school for the event.
This little girl was peaceful enjoying her snack when a photographer came up to get a picture of her. At Red Earth deep in Saskatchewan's Northern forest the mosquitoes have established themselves for the year and this little girl's face clearly shows the signs of their considerable numbers.

The whole building has been rebuilt as the school year has progressed and few events have been held in the gym which serves the community as a meeting place and great place to hold various functions. Sharing food is an excellent way to absorb the time as everyone is picked up by the buses and the snack included fabulous glazed donuts, crackers, cold meats and cheese with Coffee and soft drinks.

In the picture on the left you can see the new gym floor. This is something of a wonder to me as it is a composite material that was skillfully poured, sanded and then a coloured top applied. The material itself has excellent traction and is soft enough to give the playing surface just the right touch for sports of all kinds.

(I am sorry about not having a picture of everyone seated for the ceremony but I did not turn on the flash and blurred the shot, sorry about that.)
Red Earth Education Authority has sorted out the staffing for the coming year and added a physical education instructor, home economics specialist and shop teacher. Bryan Young in the white shirt assumes the role as the Vice Principal as well as his computer and science teaching duties.

The awards are presented as the term closes recognising student achievement and accomplishments both academically and in leadership roles.

The atmosphere of confidence and calm in the school comes from principal Macel McKay seen at the centre of the picture looking toward the camera. Marcel who grew up at Red Earth and after graduating from college came to work at the elementary school has been
principal for some years now and enjoys the respect of the students, teachers and the community that makes both the Elementary and high school a model of how band controlled education should work. With so many of the students speaking Cree as their first language Marcel and most of his teaching staff can provide learning support in Cree or English, sometimes both.

Following the awards night most of the staff stayed on hand as the gym turned into a Disco for a high school dance. Music fun and more food to cap off the school year that did not begin until October and involved extended days with construction all around but a beautiful structure to serve students for years to come.