RCMP Set Up Roadside Spot Checks

FTLComm - Melfort
December 18, 1999

Being stopped by the police is usually not considered a positive thing but Friday night on highway #6 just on the South side of Melfort the huge roadblock was quick efficient and somewhat assuring.

Thursday's release of the huge number of fatalities on Saskatchewan roads in 1999 and the increased incidence of these events

being alcohol related certainly was a shocker as we approach the end of the calendar year with 25% more deaths on Saskatchewan highways then the year before. Not only were these figures high but the amount played by alcohol is up sharply and so is another unsettling statistic. Saskatchewan people have all seemed to accept the use of seat belts and it is now a habit for almost everyone to buckle up when they get in their vehicle but the highway deaths in Saskatchewan this year show a remarkable rise in fatalities of people not wearing seat belts.

Each year during this time of the year the Police realise that they can reduce some of the carnage by making their presence known and set up road blocks like this one to do a quick cross check on the people on the road. The police officier that poked his head in the window of our car asked if we had been drinking and wanted my driving license, I promptly handed him one dated December 98. When he pointed that out, I was slow to figure out that I had given him an old one and began telling him how I have until the end of December to renew my license. Fortunately my wife interceded and explained that was last years and check my wallet for this year's. Sure enough I found a valid license and Judy promptly shreaded the old one. In moments we were on our way and I was glad to have been stopped. Not only did I make a fool of myself once again with handing over an old license, but it was clear that the Mounties are on the job checking for drunk drivers and perhaps that will keep the numbers of deaths down for the few days that remain in this year.

In the mean time I am pleased that being stupid and putting an old license in your wallet is not a moving violation although to think about it perhaps it should be.