Busiest Intersection Needs Attention

FTLComm - Tisdale
May 11, 1999

This picture was taken late Monday afternoon and that little girl was not experiencing a fun moment. Just look at the traffic, a large gravel semi, across the other side is a grain "B" train, I am in the lane she is riding in and there was traffic waiting on the left.

I object to people riding bicycles on the left hand side of the street and it this instance I don't think it would have improved her safety one bit to have been walking her bike. This is a dangerous

intersection, the most busy one any where in this part of the province simply because of the high volume of traffic. To add to the problem the 7 - 11 is a very busy establishment and each day at noon and at other times during the day people run the gauntlet of getting across this thoroughfare. It should come to no one's surprise that a lot of people still like to, or find it convenient to move about on foot and going over to the 7-11 or over to the mall is a tough journey right now.
There is a real need for side walking to conduct pedestrians over the tracks and safely over to the shopping mall. The high level of traffic where highways #3 and #35 meet is a hazard to both vehicles and pedestrians alike. Besides, the installation of a sidewalk would just improve the aesthetics of the situation and recognise the rights of the individual to move about with freedom and safety.

In the mean time, if you encounter a cyclist coming your way here or anywhere, come to a halt or slow to a minimum speed. Since they are on the wrong side of the street, they are picking their way along and we have to assume they don't really have a grasp of the situation they are in, so give them as much room as possible.