Does a every vehicle need a license?

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I was talking to a local mechanic yesterday when the discussion came to vehicle registration. He said that he has been playing a game with licenses recently and every day spots several plates that are out of date.

Now this really surprised me because it is just one of those things I pay little or no attention to, all I am concerned about is that my own vehicle and those of family members have insurance and are registered.

So after thinking about his comments I thought he must be pulling my leg and I drove off, camera in hand to see if I could find an unregistered vehicle. Within minutes, parked only a few vehicles apart at the mall parking lot I spotted two. Both on Chrysler vans, one has been driving around six months without a license and the other for only a few days. But in our family a vehicle does not leave the yard without valid insurance and without being properly registered that is an uninsured vehicle.

Both of these were 2006 expired plates but when talking to others who also play this game they reported seeing 2005 and an occassional 2004 plate, they are easy to spot because the date tag is red.

When Saskatchewan went to keeping the same plate year after year to save money and adopted date stickers we all went along with the idea, after all it is easier you don't have to get your hands dirty once a year with a nick or two swapping license plates. I merely assumed that law enforcement, both the provincial highway patrol and the RCMP would be keeping their eyes open for expired plates and the danger posed to the public by having uninsured vehicles roaming around. But apparently law enforcement has no interest in this aspect of provincial law and there are cars and trucks moving around without insurance and are being illegally operated.

Let's all play the game and see just how many of these things are out there, if you get a picture of an unregistered vehicle send it along and we can post a collection on this web site so people will know to avoid coming near dangerous illegal vehicles.



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