FTLComm - Tisdale - December 6, 1998
Saturday was Tisdale's day for the visit from the jovial guy from the North Pole and as you might notice in this picture he is a much more fitness conscious Santa then has been seen in the past. Rumours have it that with competition from Purolator and Fed Express, Santa felt it was time to slim down a bit and has been seen jogging and resisting those second and third helpings at the meal table.

The tradition of having Santa Claus day in small town Saskatchewan was begun in Watson which this weekend celebrated the commemoration of the first event over seventy years ago. Watson has a giant replica of the great man that is the symbol of the community and this weekend Canada Post honored the community with its own cancellation stamp with a likeness of Mr. S. Claus.

On Friday we at Ensign got a telephone call from a company doing research for Readers Digest and they had what seemed like hundreds of questions about politics, hockey and indeed, "did we believe in Santa Claus?"