Golden Age Centre Gets Covered

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, August 22, 2001

As the carpenter explained to me it is always the finishing that take the time, walls go up roofs are made but soffits and siding, they take time.

The electricians are hard at work installing the whole electrical system as they race against time and the covering up of everything. On Tuesday the drywallers made their first appearance at noon and did half of the ceiling in the main hall.

The carpenters and volunteers have been filling in the studing with insulation and then sealing the wall in plastic vapour barrier.

This morning the whole of the hall area is ready for covering with its vapour barrier and insulation in place. The drywallers arrived after lunch and are expected to sheet in the whole area seen below this afternoon.

Meanwhile the outside is getting covered, the soffets are finished and now the metal siding is being screwed into place as volunteers hustle the material to the work area and measurements and cuts slice out windows from the white panels.

As is often the case I seem to be able to time my visit to coffee time as community members of the Golden Age Centre group take turns bring coffee to the worksite.

With the drywalling underway and the windows in, it won't be long until doors are fitted and ... well there is lots more to come. The site now is electrified and in a day or two the light boxes will have sockets and fixtures to light up a new era in community senior recreation.