FTLComm - Tisdale - July 20, 1999
Cherish your independence and remain in control of your life as long as you can, that would be one of the main principals of people as they grow older. However, important that goal may be maintaining proper nutrition is a serious problem for senior citizens living alone and most communities have programmes in place to see that independent folks get one complete meal every day. This car and the two volunteers are just finishing up their rounds on Monday at lunch time as they had set out with twenty-one meals and delivered them to the various individuals all over Tisdale. The meals are prepared by the hospital and the volunteers take on the delivery chores for a week at a time. This run was the first for this husband and wife team and they had three calls that caused them a little trouble as the recipients were not a home and some searching was necessary to sort out just where they were. But, no doubt their trip around town today will be much easier after getting through the first round of deliveries.