FTLComm - Tisdale - August 18, 1999

In March Ensign had ashort article on the removal of an old shelter belt. In that case the maples were dying, but here we have a case of a choking number of carraganas that overflow into a water filled area giving the yard far to many mosquitoes.

The solution is simple, get rid of the overgrown carraganas. Mr. Chupa brought his back hoe over to clean up the area on highway 3 just West of Fairburn Tire. The trees are hiding a beautifully treed yard with a fountain and more landscaping to come.
Below is a 1952 Ford tractor wearing Ferguson colours. This excellent chore tractor was developed right after the war by a Mr. Ferguson who sold licensing to his patents to Ford Motor company and also produced a version of the tractor with his own company. The little four cylinder tractor was unique because it foreshadowed the modern tractor with full hydraulic systems. The outstanding three point hitch on the machine made it ideal for small farms and could handle a whole range of outstanding tools. Seen here with a three point hitched cultivator. These tractors still sell for more then $3,000 today.
The plan for this yard is to have a low maintenance yet attractive setting. Junipers have already been planted around the fountain and the blackened area will soon get a coat of crushed rock to produce a setting form more trees and components to create a suitable setting surrounded by mature trees.