Pilot Officer Frederick Charles Sim, DFC

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SIM, P/O Frederick Charles (J19612) - Distinguished Flying Cross- No.166 Squadron - Award effective 24 May 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 1444/44 dated 7 July 1944. Born in Saskatchewan, 1920; home in Tisdale; enlisted in Regina, 2 March 1942. Trained at No.7 ITS (graduated 31 July 1942), No.8 BGS (graduated 9 October 1942) and No.2 AOS (graduated 20 November 1942. Commissioned 1943. Award presented 7 June 1945.

Pilot Officer Sim has proved himself to be an excellent air bomber. He has had exceptional success on many sorties and has consistently pressed home all his attacks without regard for the danger encountered. In September 1943, his aircraft was engaged by an enemy fighter. On approaching the target severe damage was sustained but showing admirable courage in the face of heavy odds Pilot Officer Sim completed his attack successfully. His fine fighting spirit has made him an asset to his crew and squadron.
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