FTLComm - Tisdale - July 1, 2000
This afternoon it will be time for Silvertown Raceway to come to life as Canada Day Races will mark the second use of this brand new facility.

Track conditions are considered ideal, the light rain last night has left the road surface smooth and with just the right moisture content to give cars traction but at the same time wet enough to prevent the hard ball situation when on the top is wet. One driver remarked this morning that this will make it possible to race today without the need for rolling the water truck around the track wetting it

The recent rains have created a bit of a problem in the infield and Chupa Excavating was on the job installing an infield drainage system to take the water from the pit area through a sewer line leaving the area dry. It looks like this work will be completed in time for today's race.

Here is a bright and noisy way to celebrate Canada Day with the excitement and fun of full contact auto racing at six this afternoon.