SHSAA Girls and Mixed Curling Championship

FTLComm - Tisdale - thursday, March 2, 20066

As Canada's women's championship moves along this week the surprise of the event has been some of the very young teams that are doing so well in theTournament of Hearts one of the teams has a player who is only 19. This fact makes this week's provincial championships here in Tisdale of special interest as we realise the capability of young people in a sport traditionally associated with more mature players. Having coached curling decades ago and remembering all to well the tension of bringing a team into Tisdale it was exiting today to walk through the waiting room as coaches, officials, players and parents all were wrapped up in the excitement of being in the provincial play-offs.

The tournament began today for both girls and mixed teams while the boys are playing elsewhere but you can keep up with the draws and the results of the draws by going to the the TMSS web site curling draw page for girls and for mixed. They also have the schedule of games posted: for girls, for mixed.

Below are the teams and the players participating in this competiton:

Girls Teams

O'Neill Titans, Regina
skip- Kristen Schneier
3rd- Melanie Kuzyk
2nd- Tiffany Morin
lead- Lynea Davidovich
5th- Danielle Petryshyn
coach Kevin Anderson
Oxbow Prairie Heights
skip- Jocelyn Loustel
3rd- Michele Boutin
2nd- Skylar Mailhiot
lead- Kara Boettcher
5th- Brittany Kinder
coach Pat Jeannot
Moose Jaw Central
skip- sondra Avery
3rd- Kirstin Meadows
2nd- Paige Keutwieser
lead- Meaghan Lawson
coach Shelley Meadows
skip- Julike Jordison
3rd- Riley Hedin
2nd- Courtney Kindrat
lead- Misty McLachian
coach Glenda Caaughlin
Cabri Cougars
skip- Amy Undseth
3rd- Britany Sirota
2nd- Klanci Camphaug
lead- Kaela Wheeler
5th- Janice Shirkie
coach Luke Hadden
skip- Marie Yanko
3rd- Melissa Karkut
2nd- Lanjell Leontowich
lead- Kimberley Kozak
coach Shelly Schabel
ReginaLoreburn Central
skip- Trish Paulsen
3rd- Lindley Paulsen
2nd- Ashley Brown
lead- Kari Paulsen
coach TraviisJudy Brown
Birch Hills
skip- Kara Kilden
3rd- Jennifer MacLeod
2nd- Amanda Ganes
lead- Lisa Wilkinson
coach Tanis Quaale
Evan Hardy - Saskatoon
skip- Teandra Ochitwa
3rd- Stephanie McVicar
2nd- Melissa Klebeck
lead- Katie Matthies
5th- KellyAnn Klebeck
coach Cheryl Boechler
Gull Lake
skip- Kelsey Dutton
3rd- Tessa Ruetz
2nd- Steph Sells
lead- Tegan Dutton
5th- Ashley Jones
coach Ken/Bev Dutton
skip- Shalene McRorie
3rd- Ashley Buckert
2nd- Whitney Howse
lead- Amanda Watson
coach Ev Sillers
Nokomis High
skip- Haley Bart
3rd- Lisa Bart
2nd- Stacey Hobman
lead- Jessica Richter
5th- Crystal Deiediger
coach Jacquie Hobman
Meath Park
skip- Aimee Corriveau
3rd- Jessica Newman
2nd- Amie Dearing
lead- Kaylia Aldous
coach Bob Armstrong
skip- Vanessa Knoll
3rd- Michelle Johnson
2nd- Nicole Laang
lead- Tiffani Maas
coach Bob Jamieson
skip- Joelene Wall
3rd- Heather Graham
2nd- Jenna Wall
lead- Lori Valliere
5th- Lindsay Bosch
coach Orest Gluckie
skip- Sarah Collin
3rd- Stephanie Hoppe
2nd- Kayla Sorokoske
lead- Stephanie LePage
coach Dave Willenborg
Mixed Teams
skip- Nathan Cherewyk
3rd- Kelcey Chermcora
2nd- Justin Holdniuk
lead- Danaye Naclia
5th- Geoff Grywacheski
coach Linda Chermcora
skip- Corey Howard
3rd- Rhea Ross
2nd- Ethan Bertholet
lead- Bri Hardcastle
5th- Evan Westad
coach Murray Hardcastle
Medstead Central
skip- Alex Crawley
3rd- Kayla Hill
2nd- Riley Starling
lead- J. Koddenbr0ck
coach Dean Findlay
Yorkton Raiders
skip- Nathan Trowell
3rd- Lynsay Kreway
2nd- tyrel Mehling
lead- Charmaine Lang
coach Grant Bjornerud
Davidson High
skip- Barbie Klenk
3rd- Barrett Taylor
2nd- Crystal Woodman
lead- Dalton Woodman
5th- Gordon Taylor
coach Paulette Killoh
Wawota Parkland
skip- Stephan Dahl
3rd- Lisa Myers
2nd- Matthew Olson
lead- Erika Easton
5th- Melanie Taylor
coach Monique Myers
skip- Cory Ellis
3rd- Kim Dancey
2nd- Chris Hebert
lead- Mari McLachlan
coach Glenda Caughlin
Cabri Cougars
skip- Reagan Hadden
3rd- Jade Telke
2nd- Austin Gehl
lead- Stacie Shaw
coach Lavern Horvey
Moose Jaw Central
skip- Christin Fellner
3rd- Kyle Cochrane
2nd- Piper New
lead- Ryan Brown
coach Gene Cochrane
skip- Anthony Polley
3rd- Sarah Bauck
2nd- Riley Adrian
lead- Jill Frochlich
5th- Brittany Polley
coach Brian Polley
Luther College, Regina
skip- Adam Crookshanksk
3rd- Katherine Donnelly
2nd- Nils braun
lead- Theresa Littman
coach Lloyd Crookshanks
skip- Morgan thompson
3rd- Jacob Wagner
2nd- Jayla Mortenson
lead- Mitchell Panchyk
coach Lawrence Gottselig
Indian Head
skip- Amanda Craigie
3rd- Bretton thomsen
2nd- Jocelyn demaer
lead- Rhys spencer
5th- Matthew Davies
coach Peter Davies
skip- Reann Bobinski
3rd- Leightoin Ward
2nd- Christine Jones
lead- Tyson Bindig
coach Denise Nelson
St. Mary's, Prince Albert
skip- Brandi Weber
3rd- Paul Laanglois
2nd- Danielle Freychet
lead- James Freychet
coach Darren McDougall
Glentworth Central
skip- Warren Sandor
3rd- Amanda Collins
2nd- Jeremy Kuffner
lead- april Petersen
5th- Laura Collins
coach Maarilyn Sandor
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