Culligan Synchronised Skating
Provincial Competition

FTLComm - Tisdale - Sunday, February 8, 2004
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There was excitement in the air when I arrived at the RECPlex shortly after 11:00 Saturday morning as skater and parents went through the ritual of preparing for a competition Tisdale's youngest group the Ice-Frenzie were in the theatre getting themselves ready (right) and from that moment on I realised this was going to be something special.

The opening ceremony began with the National anthem by Charlie-Rae Bennett as Paul-Reemi Poulin and Colbie skated the colours around the arena then Tisdale's Renee LaBlanc made short welcome speech the a speech by Adeline Wuschenny, Doug Steele read the officials oath and Erin Jackson the skater's and the competition officially got under way.

The first competition was Festival Pre-Juvenile with Tisdales Ice-Frenzie and Sycronicity from Lanigan.
The Frenzie were exactly that and had the perfect spirit and energy to begin the day's competition They had speed, precision and winning marks exciting the judges and the audience alike.

Ice Frenzie - Tisdale

Daniel Bennett Carlie Bowditch Courtney Hancherow
Megan Hancherow Lacey Henderson Amy Kapeller
Julie Kehrig Jocelyn LeBlanc Jade Lenard
Taylor Lenard Caitlin McDonald Kailee Sawatzky
Hannnah Stacey Brecklin Strilaeff  

Lanigan's Syncronicity wore excellent costumes in keeping with the great music they select to skate to, Shania Twain's "UP".

Syncronicity - Lanigan.

Casside Falk Amissa Funk Hayley German
Traci German Jordan Greve Lindsay Greve
Marinda Greve Teesha Jantz Courtney Knaus
Morgan McEachern Alexis Schur Katelyn Stevenson

The second competition of the day was the Festival Pre-novice competition were the Pirates of the Ice from Saskatoon were first on the ice. Their routine was performed to some Gilbert and Sullivan music and showed a considerable level of drama in their presentation. Below they had their team picture taken.

Pirates of the Ice - Saskatoon

Monica Buchko Emily Erker Kirsten Eisner
Kenzie Friesen Chelsey Friske Chelsea Grimand
Danielle Humble Whitney Luu Andrea Revet
Aryn Roussin Nancy Winder Melanie Webster

Below is the scene of the proud parents recording the group picture above. Competitive synchronised skating is showing remarkable development all across Canada and it is only a matter of time until it is an Olympic sport.

There were three teams in this Festival Pre-novice competition and the second group to take to the ice were Ice Mania from Tisdale. Ice Mania includes some fine accomplished individual skaters.

Ice Mania - Tisdale

Pam Allgrove Charlie-Rae Bennett Nicole Delorme
Sharai Hoffus Kaitlin Jacobs Steffanie Johnson
Janine Lablanc Taylor Lenard Michaela McDonald
Alica Olson Patty Reed Brecklin Strilaeff
Jackie Sveinbjornson Rikki Lynn Trombley  
To round out this Pre-novice competition the third team was from Regina, Ice Angels. This was close as the Angels edged out Ice Mania by a point or two as these three teams were closely matched.

Ice Angels - Regina

Madeline Berry Coral Borkus Mistee Maier
Jami-Rae Renwick Kara Schopf Sara Smith
Kate Thornton Amy Waldal  

The Tisdale figure skating club sponsored this excellent event but had the support of Tisdale businesses with a large number of excellent prizes were in a fund raising draw.
The next competition was the Festival Novice three and a half minute free programme. Tisdale's Ice Fever were the first team to compete in this category. I really liked the choice of music for this routine lending the country rock beat to movement on ice.

Ice Fever - Tisdale

Meaghan Baxter Richelle Fairburn Karis Guest
Kaley Henderson Keeshia Hoffus Sharai Hoffus
Amy Jackson Erin Jackson Celeste Lalonde
Janine LeBlanc Josee Marchildon Lynell Olson
Veronique Poulin Michelle Teale Nicole Wutke

Ice Fever and most of the other groups had selected dark coloured costumes which look great in contrast with the ice but it was great to see the pony tales and
sweaters, scarves and saddle loafers of the mid fifties worn by the Starlytes from Drake. This number had the tradition moves but ended with some individual dance steps as the team was spread out over the entire neutral zone as their number ended.

Starlytes - Drake

Rebecca Bartel Brittany Blair Janelle Ewen
Rochelle Fisher Rachel Gunther Alissa Hoehn
Emily Hoehn Courtney Howat Courtney Kline
Kimber Kline Kirstie Kline Stephanie Lynch
reanne Meschishnick Chelsea Possberg Kandis Wall
Below are the Starlytes in the stands.

Regina's Crystal Ice wrapped up the Festival Novice competition with their number. Crystal Ice was more like a diamond as they truly glittered Saturday afternoon.

Crystal Ice - Regina

Megan Armbruster Jennifer Barr Madeline Berry
Hayley Best Rebecca Black Stephanie Bourassa
Dianne Fenrich Bobbee Gourlay Michelle Jay
Angela Nielsen Jami-Renwick Kara Schopf
Erin Schmidt Sara Smith Samantha Tapp
Regina's Virtuoso were the last group to perform Saturday so they took some time for a like workout (above) before they dressed for their number.
One of the highlights of the day was the presentation by Emerald Ice an adult group from Regina. Susan Waldal explained that the group tries to have as many members in the team so that they have enough to perform or compete as everyone in the group works. They have two hours practice ice time a week.

Emerald Ice - Regina

Cheryl Aldous Sheila Aldous Bonnie Barber
Marly Copeman Amy Cummins Sharon Davis
Sandy Dyck Charlene Enion March Glass
Janis Johnson Donna Kabaluk Pam Miller
Sara Olson Kim Ryan Kendra Scott
Jana Teichroeb Erin Tyson Lynn Valgardson
Wendy Bradford Alicia Denis Tara Grady
Hody Nahorniak Michelle Statz Susan Waldal

The final competition was the Festival Junior class and it was truly a delight. Momentum from Martensville set their routine in the 40s and 50s to the tunes of Frank Sinatra. Their performance was encouraging to all of the younger skaters to see how smooth a routine can be.

Momentum - Martensville

Janelle Bailey Lauren Brewster Becky Dahlin
Danielle Dale Kara Friske Melissa Fry
Christine George Erin Goodjonson Amanda Harbourne
Melissa Klassen Michelle Klassen Krista Lafreniere
Lisa Maier Sheena Murphy Ashlee Muyare
Shalane Staples Brittany Thompson Danielle Wilderman
Tina Wetzel    
It seemed like it was meant to be as the afternoon wore on each performance went one notch better. Virtuoso from Regina made it to the top to close out the day. By far the most artistic and most dance like performance the judges and audience agreed that this was as good as it gets.

Virtuoso - Regina

Kathryn Black Karen Dean Breanna Dorn
Dianna Fenrich Bobbee Gourlay Janis Johnson
Amy Laing Danielle McEwen Angela Nielson
Michelle Pastuch Carrie Rodger Chelsea Rogerson
Lindsay Schneider Leanne Sorenson Sarah Thauberger
Tracy Tratch Jill Urguhart Tricia Pilsner
The closing ceremony was absolutely splendid with all of the skaters on the ice, medals were presented and the fans had an opportunity to show their appreciation for an outstanding day of competition and great skating.


Timothy W. Shire

A video tape of the complete competition is available from Faster Than Light Communications for $15 plus shipping.



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