Riverside Golf Club Adds More Water

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, November 8, 2001
This is a view of the Riverside Golf Club in Tisdale this morning at 9:30. The rash of snow that settled on things yesterday has all but gone in most places but out on the golf course there is still a bit giving the greens and fairways a pretty while appearance.

In the centre of both pictures and another area just out of sight have undergone major renovations this fall as the golf club has set about improving an already excellent and challenging course. Piles of rolled up sod are on hand for installation in the spring and major excavations have been carried out to create extensive water hazards.

Only a couple of weeks ago golfers were still out whacking away in Melfort on their course which has a fairly extensive waterway while Tisdale duffers have had put away their clubs for the year unless of course they dash down to Arizona for a round or two.

But when spring rolls around the Riverside course will be back in business with some really interesting new features to several fairways.