FTLComm - Saskatoon - January 23, 2000

For sixteen years the hockey playing teachers of Saskatchewan have met each other in their annual tournament. This year the event took place this weekend at the Jemini arena in Saskatoon. Thirty-two teams from all parts of the province were involved this year and as in other years they are divided into four pools. Since so many of these people were former junior players to make the competition better similar abilitiy teams are grouped together. Teams like the Cupar Enterneters are seen in these pictures playing Saskatoon Spartak. The
Enterneters have players like
BubbleJet, Hard Drive, Input, Floppy Disk and CD Rum.

In their group were teams from Battleford, Herbert, Oxbow, Lloydminister and the provincial Directors and consultants group known as "Leads" who have former Roughrider Jim Hopson, former Tisdale director Don Sangster and present director Tim Tarala.

Among the many teams in the tournament was of course
the Tisdale Looseleafs which compete in the highest level in the tournament. On their roster are such players as Bob Price, Brian Ofukany, Doug Redl, Warren Jacobson, Randy Kerr, Jeff Peterson, Kevin Schmidt, Jos Risling, Norm Casavant, Jeff Chillibeck, Anthony Bender, Graham Comfort, Quinton Jackson and Gord Gray.

The tournament got underway Friday and will wrap up today.