Sports project: "Dream of Gold Weekend

Sports project: "Dream of Gold Weekend

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, February 27, 2003

Hockey, like figure skating is becoming an elitist sport because of the cost and the intense competition that has all but eliminated those who would play the game for fun.
Ken Jones is an outdoor hockey enthusiast and has given this form of hockey a kick start in a city where outdoor hockey produced some of the most impressive players ever to play in the NHL.

Ken (seen here with his arm in the air) is chairperson of an organisation that promotes the sport and even more exciting he and his group and staging a massive outdoor hockey tournament in Regina on this date, February 27 next year.

This low level organisational and cost project could be the spark

makes a real difference in the life of so many of the young people who come out even this past week in -30º weather to play hockey for fun. The process of getting ready for such a tournament this year and next will be on the minds of these folks but there is a fascinating spin off to the project.

Since outdoor hockey is low budget most players scrounge up a jersey or just wear what ever they have but for the 2004 World Cup Dream-Weekend tournament with its 408 players and 24 teams Ken and his group are working on sponsorships for Olympic/World Cup style jerseys. But once the tournament's over they will have all of these complete sets and the plan it to make them available to all kinds of organisations, sports events and where ever a group wants to put on an Olympic event. The cost of transportation and cleaning will be all a bowling league, whist tournament, curling bonspiel or whatever will have to pay to get these outfits for their event. If you have a project send along an email to
Ken Jones and tell him why you would like to use

the jerseys. Your requests will play a big part in seeking sponsorships.

Regina has thousands of inner city kids and over four hundred will be directly involved in next year's tournament.



Timothy W. Shire



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