Doesn't Get Any Better!

FTLComm - Tisdale - February 4, 2001
There was fresh snow on Thursday night then on Saturday temperatures rose to well above the freezing mark, for the snowmobiler, "It just doesn't get any better!" The picture above was taken Saturday afternoon as the sun was about to set these riders who were among a group of about eight were heading for Melfort. My guess is that the blurred picture on the left pretty much describes the feeling of dashing across the snow covered fields at highway speeds, perhaps slightly above.

On Sunday there were trailers in the Mall parking lot, empty trailers as their cargo was either out on the trail or parked in front of Fairburn Tire which was serving as the headquarters for a major rally on today.

With well marked and safely marked out trails to the North of town this is perfect both in terms of setting and weather for this liberating and unrestrained kind of powered experience.

The area around Fairburn Tire was littered with the machines as participants got ready to take part in the day's activities or in some cases had already been

out on the course. There was no doubt about the fun and excitement as people milled around and helmeted children dashed out to their machines as they were able to be part of this experience.

With these machines tending to be used at speeds above forty miles an hour temperature is critical and this morning's -4ºC is perfect. You don't want slush and you want to be able to enjoy the experience without frozen fingers.