FTLComm - Tisdale - September 28, 1999

Soccer is played in the spirit of good sportsmanship and exciting fun for the players. This was the case Monday afternoon as the TMSS girls were able to get six goals scored with Hudson Bay coming back with one.

The TMSS girls team had played Nipawin Bible School and that game went to a "nil" tie. So when I asked the girls on the bench yesterday how they were doing they were able to report that they had just scored their first three goals of the season. (3 - nil at that point)

Hudson Bay is definitely in a building year. Last year's team were bigger and played with a little harder edge then what we saw Monday afternoon but all the same the Hudson Bay team has some well developed skills and are going to get much better. Two full teams were available so at a time out the whole squad was changed. Using so many players means that the young ones get a chance to develop with on the field playing experience.

During the game both Hudson Bay squads acquitted themselves well on the field and were defeated largely by Tisdale's aggressive forwards teamwork.

The TMSS girls are a cut above when it comes to playing position and making use of each other to capitalise on position and working the ball into a scoring situation. While in centre field play it was a toss up with the Hudson Bay girls have similar ball handling and determination to get to the ball. Having watched these two teams play last year I was impressed how both teams had raised the bar with improved basic soccer skills as the game was more fluid and the hustle of both teams was appreciated by the good number of fans on hand from both communities to support their teams.

Soccer is a developing sport in our area and we can confidently report that it is growing very nicely. TMSS will be on the TUCs field Thursday, September 30th afternoon at 4:00 against Prince Albert should be a good game, hope to see many of you there.
We have a lot of pictures of the game but for those you who do not have time, we have the main story here and the game pictures are located on the second page. So to see more of the Monday contest click here.