World Cup fever

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, June 9, 2006

Today the World Cup tournament began in Germany and soccer fans around the world are set for what looks like a remarkable series of games.

Meanwhile months after what should have been the end of hockey season the Stanley Cup finals still have as many as five more games. Let's face it fans hockey as it is played in the NHL is not a Canadian game but a pure American piece of commercial programming. What in heavens name are people doing playing hockey in June?

This is one of the reasons young people are looking at soccer as a much more sensible and far less expensive alternative to team sports. Little equipment needed and enormous personal satisfaction to just playing the game.

My father's claim to fame as a school boy was playing "football" on the field at Greenbank School in Kelso. He was proud of his ability and the satisfaction he and one other guy got from taking on the whole school.

Yesterday afternoon after I finished shooting my video clip I drove back to the Chicken Delight parking lot to get these pictures of three boys engages in a game. These pictures. ( all are interactive images and will flip to another picture when you pass the mouse over them, unless you are using Internet Explorer and in that case write Bill Gates and ask him to get the software up to standard) As you can see all they need is a ball a sense of fun and they can play the most popular sport in the world.

Argentina, Trinidad and Tabago, Angola, Costa Rica and only three of the thirty-two teams in the competition that will wow the world for a month. In some countries economic productivity is expected to fall drastically as the population focuses on football.



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