FTLComm - Tisdale - December 31, 1998
The comment on the advertising sign reads "Soon the Snow will be here" and goes on to advertise a pre-winterizing special. At first look one would think that on December 31 this sign is a bit ironic and needs to be changed but while in Regina last week we saw at least two similar signs urging motorists to get their cars ready for the coming winter. It seems that we are getting accustomed to delays in the arrival of winter although today's -31 temperatures certainly suggest that winter is definitely here. Snow cover around Tisdale is very thin and those folks who live to ride their snow machines are having to cool their heels. On the right is the golf course and the trees have caught some of the blow but the cross country ski trail has very little snow on it, as you can see it has been in use. The picture below looking East from town toward Harvest Valley indicates the conditions out in the countryside. The wind has drifted snow into the ditches but the ground is all but bare.