"We've been waiting for this!"

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, March 18 2003

The pictures you see on this page were taken between 11:30 and 12:30 today.

It was with several confirming looks at the thermometer and with trepidation that I put on my leather jacket for the first time in months when a parka was the only suitable outerwear. The nagging doubt that the bright sunlight is just some sort of cold trick was quickly vanquished as I stepped outside and inhaled breathable air. Along side our driveway and across the lawn is a deep cover of snow but the streets were wet and quickly melting as the morning overcast sky was just giving way to a thin high layer letting the light gush through.

As I neared the Co-op I met a fellow heading home for lunch who cheerily shouted something which I could not make out and I asked him to repeat his greeting and he said once more, "This is what we've been waiting for!"

A block further an elderly gentleman greeting me for indeed the warm sunlight allowed one to look up and take the moment to exchange a greeting.

Down on main street (above) a lady made her way across the street with several small children and only ice remains where there was snow.

Several ladies were in the only unused storefront busily quilting, a new business is expected to open here April first.

The work has begun atop the Post office as workmen were hustling about as they are in the process of developing a whole new roof for the large building.

Not only do these pictures show the signs of spring but the air today had a lightness that comes from warmth, something we have not experienced since early fall. Everyone I met was smiling, well except for one young woman picking out a sliver from her right hand that she got off the door bar at the doctor's office.

The alley behind main street (top) was a scene of water as was the one West of main street

The lady seen here only has to make it with her walker to the nearby Cedar Villa yet there is no sidewalk from the Co-op to this building so she worked her way down the middle of the street then struggled to get the walker through the slush at the curb as she went into the back entrance of her apartment building.

A block West the water was swirling into the intersection and gushing through two holes into the storm sewer manhole. Most storm sewers are covered with snow and ice as the water is beginning to collect in the streets and head for the Doghide as best it can.

With sunlight and warm air I really felt some serious reluctance about coming back

home and getting to work.

Since I had left our driveway an hour earlier the gutter had filled with water unable to get away. Assuming that was the same ice I had stepped on going out I planted one foot and got my first "boot full" in years. At first I muttered an appropriate oath to express my emotional response to a cold foot then it struck me how luck I was to have had the experience.

It will take many days like this to melt the snow that fills our yards and fields but the process has begun and with it the optimism that comes with having survived the cold weather of the winter of "ought three".

But we Saskatchewanians all know too well that this is only March 18 and the real storms are yet to come.

Timothy W. Shire



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