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In the cobweb, cabin fever infested mind of this writer it seems that "spring" should not only be consider a noun but just as it is in other parts of speech the season spring needs to be considered a verb as well. A verb is an action word and a noun is the name of a person, place, or thing. Spring is definitely and action word as our minds shake off the darkness. This isn't just a literal thing but a Wynyard family physician was explaining that there is an actual medical term that describes the affect that hits about one out of twenty Canadians as they reach this part of the year short of sun


and the spirits that vitamin "D" shortages create. I think I am suffering from this condition I have the symptoms she described on the noon CBC radio show Monday, excessive sleeping and weight gain. The cure is getting out there and getting some exercise in the spring sun each day around mid day. Since then I am three for three and already showing some improvement.

Mr. and Mrs. Chupa are back and soon other snow birds will begin to return just before other old crows. The house below belongs to our neighbour Maurice who has been in the


Okanogan since the day before New Years. Things are pretty covered up so yesterday his friend, Mr. Carpentier showed up with a shovel. He worked his way to the door cranked up the blower and for the next two hours hacked a hole from the street up to the one garage door. I was surprised he didn't open up the other door because their is a little tractor with a blade sitting there facing out ready to hammer the snow and ice. Maurice should be home over the weekend.


All over town today the sound of front end loaders could be heard as at least four machines were working as they filled trucks that worked their way back and forth from street piles to the mounds of snow piling up on the sites to be clear for spring thaw. Storm sewers have to be cleared as there is a steady flow of water already making its way to the Doghide.

The odd thing is the low temperatures. It was +4 in


Regina and laRonge today while the mercury stayed below the freezing mark even though the sun was on the job with no clouds in sight.

The back yards and open areas are just settling bit by bit as the snow crystals begin their journey from sparks of water to solid ice as the dribble down through the piles.

But, if all goes well the cold air will be a blessing as it will allow the melting process to take time and the melt water will gradually work its way to the river. Our basement and at least twenty others got the treatment last year and even if the water rises we are going to keep out feet dry.

This is springing.



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