The first day of spring
FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, March 20, 2008

The picture at the top of the page was actually taken yesterday and clearly what looks like winter still seems to be the main theme. Today was one of those dull gray days with the sun hidden up there behind a thin bank of cloud for all of the day. No sign of crows or migratory birds just that people go outside without their mittens and gloves.

The change of season is often like that, it is gradual and sort of sneaks along as the days just gradually warm up a little. On the news today CTV was reporting that Environment Canada is calling for at least a month more of what can only be described as winter temperatures and in Eastern Canada it looks like just a tad more snow to go with the mounds of it they already have.

Tomorrow is Good Friday as we reflect on Easter and many of us will be on the road to join relatives and share some time together. This past weekend I was down to Moose Jaw and back and noticed that winter is a pretty gradual thing that seems to thicken considerably from Watson North and thins out as you pass through Southey. Moose Jaw had little snow throughout the winter as was the case down in the Swift Current area.

Ensign may be posting a bit sporatically over the next week as we will be taking some time off will be going in to Saskatoon and down to Tompkins.

Timothy W. Shire

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