Doghide Spring

FTLComm - Tisdale - Sunday, April 14, 2002
One of the first subjects we ever attempted in 1997 to create a QuickTime virtual reality panorama was on the foot bridge over the Doghide beside the railway trestle on the East side of town by the golf course. Since then I have gone back to this place many times to do the scene again in different seasons and different years.

This morning, though winter and its snow is quickly disappearing there are still lots of places were it will be a few days before the snow is melted and the water works its way into the ground Without the ground being frozen as it was so dry last fall there was no moisture in the soil most of this year's melt water is simply vanishing into the soil beneath.

Yesterday we were surprised to see the Doghide North of town not even flowing as there just isn't enough water to fill the channel. Here in the park the channel is very flat and some water is moving or at least slipping into the creek itself.

The QuickTime VR panorama below can not be seen with Microsoft's media player and if you do not see the navigable 360º picture below you need to download the free QuickTime software which will give you a better option for seeing streaming video and audio on line. The large 1.9MB image below is bigger than what I usually post but it seems like the right time to go to better quality images for this kind of presentation.