FTLComm - Tisdale - February 25, 2000

The dreary overcast and impending rain made yesterday and today spring like days despite the early date. We all have no dissolutions and quite expect winter to turn its fury on us many times more before the grass turns green but the thaw this week has been profound.

The picture above shows the scene at the Tisdale School Division Bus Depot where a truck driving course is being conducted and you can see the muddy conditions that have developed on their working field.

The picture on the right is of Jim Billy's swimming pool. all he needs now is to build a little dock and he can fish
right from his driveway. Here are some typical neighbourhood street scenes that will tell you the effects of the warm weather. Below left is a block East of Main street looking East while the one on the right is the West end of that street.
Below is the corner near our house and the picture on the right is the street just around the corner. With the rain last night today a person needs to be wearing rubber boots if you go out walking.
Though the rain and melting has a sort of begrudging saddness to it as winter is the known, the expected and for most of the the norm and spring brings with it the unexpected and a certain level of excited confusion. Still last night we enjoyed the bar-b-que just to officially deal with a rain shower.

With March and its storms a few days away we can still expect some heavy going if things work out as they have in the past. The cold air masses of the North come into contact with wet warm air and the result is precipitation and sometimes more. Winds are predicted to rise of the next couple of days as a gradiant of extreme differences in air pressure come into contact with one another bringing us continued unsettled weather.

Below is an interesting composite image made from three pictures of the scene around the Seven Eleven late yesterday with water filling up much of the parking area.