My Signs of Spring
FTLComm - Star City - April 9, 2001

Three nights in a row and only a trace of frost makes the snow vanish. Over head across the prairie skies we see squadrons and patrols of geese already established here for the next six months and near Kinistino yesterday a
farm in rubber boots, with a shovel, out in his field supervising the drainage of a small body of water.

The snowy owl seen on top of the picture at the top of the page must come to terms with the change of the season and get on back up North.

As we look at the sky
beyond the UGG terminal there is the tell tale murk of spring burning once more putting murk above.

The green houses are in their frantic period making the little bits of green that will people will put in their flower beds and gardens.

We won't be joining in that endeavour this year, it is time to no long provide food for slugs and white moths and other freeloaders who eat or spool what we grow.

But the surest sign of all are the people outside sharing the excitement of
an evening standing in the street or blurring by on bike or scooter.

There were East winds yesterday and more today the sky has dark thick cumulus clouds and we
may get some precipitation as this day wears on and that will be fine.

Put the parkas, insulated boots, mittens and gloves where you can find them in the fall and see if your shorts fit, next weekend we want to sit on our deck and smell the April air.