Melissa Enjoyed The Summer

FTLComm - Tisdale - Saturday, August 25, 2001
Since the May long weekend Tisdale's tourist booth has been tended by Melissa Hill as she provides visitors with community events, directions, handles camping and looks after the miniature golf course. Back in June Todd and Wes who were working at Ensign at the time made several attempts to visit Melissa but their work hours did not work out with times when the booth was open.

Melissa is nearing the end of the tourist season and explained that she has had a busy summer and there have been a lot of visitors. She said she was surprised to note how many of this year's tourists were Saskatchewan people seeing their own province with so many people being from Regina. She also explained that there were a lot of Americans this year and many stayed over night in the camp ground. Few tourists from Manitoba dropped in, some from Alberta but lots from British Columbia.

Tourists often ask about "rape" which is the obscure motto from most people who do not know that Canola has until the last few decades been known as rapeseed. But she also had a lot of inquiries about the structures in the fields for leaf cutter bees. One group of tourists wanted some explanation as to what kind of agricultural equipment as they were puzzled about the function of a swather.

All in all our lady at the tourist booth had a good summer and hopes to be back on the job next summer, meanwhile its time to finish that last year of high school.