Regina's Mosaic - The Scottish Pavilion

Regina - Saturday, June 8, 2002 - By: Stu Innes

The Tartan curling club was rockin' Friday night but it wasn't curling rocks being delivered by Toronto's own, "Enter the Haggis".

Folks were rockin' to the high energy sound of "Enter the Haggis" here fortheir second year.

Editor's Note: Mosaic is a celebration of Canada's multicultural heritage as each ethnic group establish what amounts to "worlds fair" pavilions and provide entertainment and food that is typical of their part of the world.

Stu has provided us with a set of pictures that show the Tartan Curling club as the site for the "Scotts". As you may know the folks from the North end of the British Isles are a sensative lot when it comes to a lot of things including what to call them. You will notice that Stu refers to this as the Scottish Pavilion and yet we know that this bunch prefer to be know as "Scotts", if spirits are being consumed always watch what you say to these guys. The red hair and smiles are part of the disguise.

Stu has provided us with a shot of their menu and it includes Haggis which is a baked stuffed sheeps stomach. Even Scotts are unlikely to go for the "large portion".

Saskatchewan has a large number of people who can trace their ancestors to the "hielands". Even a catholic group (most Scotts are Presbyterian) live South of Wapella around the community of St. Andrews where their annual picnic is a highland dance competition, some highland games and lord knows how many fiddlers and bagpipers filling the air with what they claim is music.

Once again mind what you say. The short segiment of music you are hearing is from the band Stu photographed and is a remarkable combination of modern rock music and Celtic melodies and instruments. The freshness of this music is not being lost on the culture of today as this band and other groups like them are enjoying remarkable popularity.

Learn all about this fine Canadian band at their
web site -

Fans may also enjoy these never before seen photos of Brian, James, Mark, Craig and Trevor.

Editor's note: the exurpt heard here is from the song "Lanigan's Ball" by Enter the Haggis and was borrowed from their web site. If you do not hear the music you may need to download QuickTime.