The Scottish Pavilion Saturday afternoon

Regina - Sunday, June 9, 2002 - Pictures by: Stu Innes
The celebration of Canadian and specifically Saskatchewan's rich ethnic heritage is what Mosiac is all about and this year we are able to share with you the happenings at the Scottish Pavilion.

Stu Innes brought us pictures of the Friday night event and the fabulous "Enter The Haggis" band and today we can look in on the way things were Saturday afternoon.

As the sequence on the right shows up people coming in the main castle entrance, lining up to enjoy the food of Scotland and the layout of the pavilion with displays of craft goods and the open space for the pipe band shown above. The three days of the show included massed pipe bands, highland dancers, a Celtic choir, some featured pipe bands and below Jack Dublanica and the highland dancers on stage.

All three nights "Enter The Haggis" was the main performing group for the evening celebrations.