This Little Ford of Mine

Greewater Provincial Park February 24, 2000
By Jerry Crawford

I have a 9N, built in 1941. It has a Robin-Nodwell loader and a front-mounted hydraulic pump. I made a bit of a modification to the starter system which ensures starting in any weather, and it looks after all my snow-moving and trash hauling needs. It likely cost about $700 in 1941; without the loader, and in better condition, I bet I could get close to $2,000 for it today!

The tractor on the right is an 8N, made, I believe, from about 1948 to the time the Jubilee (the one on the left) came out in mid-fifties.
The predecessor to the 8N was the 9N which went into production in 1939. There was also a 2N produced toward the end of the war; it was a 9N without such amenities as self starter & generator. As far as I know, the only improvements the 8N had over the 9N was a heavier front end, a fourth gear, and a separate hydraulic lever that allowed a uniform depth, rather than depth being controlled by draft. Later 8Ns also had an automotive type distributor.

Gerald B. (Jerry) Crawford
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