Preparing To Mount The Mount

Mount Robson - July 21, 1999
By: Michael Townsend
We have decided to challenge a true peak of the Rockies. Mount Robson is the highest peak in our Rockies and very close by so I thought this would be the one. I first contacted a guide who has done this some fifteen times already. There will be four of us, the guide, Andrea and I, and Peter Finley, a colleague from school. The plan is to do this next August 2000 late in the month.
Now the traditional way up the mountain is first doing a 45 km hike to the north face of the mountain and assaulting it from this side. It tends to be a little easier of a climb but of course involves this two day hike to start.

The guide that we are using prefers a south face assault, the south face being what you see in these pictures. The first day is a climb to a hut about half way up on the right of the mountain as you are looking at it. From the hut we would spend day to acclimatizing to the elevation and checking everyone out on safety procedures. Day 3 would be the summit attempt, up and back to the hut, and day 4 back to our vehicles. Physically I will have to start preparing by this fall.

Bear in the back of my truck and one of him fishing or so he told me.

The pictures of the Elk were strange. I took the first one at some distance. The lady walked up to it with the camera in her eye so had no real idea how close she was getting. Now this is not too bad with an elk but I have seen others do this same camera-in-eye trick with bears. Not a very wise thing to do.