Bear and the Mountain

Bear is your everyday normal part timberwolf, part German Shepherd from Iskut B.C. For many years Bear has been the constant companion of Michael Townsend. . Michael is a high school teacher in Kamloops and created these images with Kodak DC 120 camera on Saturday, September 27, 97
Eager to challenge the countryside around them Michael and Bear began their hike up a local mountain from this park in Kamloops. This view from the park shows a bridge and Mount Paul in the background.
B.C. desert like dry interior has the uncharacteristic terrain seen usually far to the South but gives the area year round warm temperatures and for the residents the ability to engage in orchard development and year round outdoor activity.
This is the view Michael and Bear enjoyed after the first hour of their hike. Then the first break on the hike, it was time to stop and rest a few minutes.
Below we see the Louwanda Sue, the paddlewheeler. This view point's toward's Michael and Bear's home neighbourhood.
This image points towards downtown Kamloops. Here we can take in the scenery looking East.
Below are the two rivers that meet at Kamloops. From the summit Michael and Bear are joined by other hikers.
Enroute Bear enjoyed a work out engaging the goats in some sport. Bear patiently poses here on the summit with Michael.