Weekend at the Beach

Tuesday, October 20, 1998
By Jennifer Shire

I had a really relaxing weekend. I went to a little town about twenty minutes outside of Manzanillo. A friend of mine here, his father owns the hotel so we stayed for $12 and all our food and drinks were free at his restaurant. The hotel was right by the water and the restaurant was in the sand on the beach.

I had the best meal I have ever had there. The seafood is amazing because its so fresh. I had your traditional fried shrimp for lunch, but they didn't taste like at home. Red Lobster has nothing on this place. For supper we had mariachi stand around the table and sing while we ate shrimp, sailfish, crab, clam, shark, squid, and octopus in the bowl that had a lot of picante (spices) and mantequilla (butter) melted over top. Wow, what a meal. The octopus I didn't particularly enjoy but it was still pretty good.

I really enjoyed myself because it was very Mexican and the town was so small that the beach was ours. It was a surfer beach so the swells were huge. At night I could hear the waves crashing against the shore and when we ate on the beach the waves came up and touched our feet.

Gotta go because I have volley ball practice.

Love Jen

Editor's note: Jennifer is attending the University of Colima with a programme from the University of Regina. Manzanillo is the place where Dudley Moore and Bo Derek filmed "10". If you click on either pictures you will link to sites on this famous tourist location.