"I got three "Goes!" before I released"

Kamloops - October 16, 1998
by: Michael Townsend
Sunday morning the weather was perfect, slightly overcast with a slight breeze. We did the ground school from 9:00 am to 11:30 am and then 12:30 to 1:45 pm. This school was to acquaint us with all the hazards and instruct us on the method of exit, so that we might exit without thinking, instructions that follow army training principles. This proved to be
invaluable for if I had been allowed to think prior to exiting, I would have been incapable of doing so.

Upon reaching 3000 feet the pilot reached over and opened the door. I took one last look at the ground and then I went into training mode, " Grip door frame, Right Foot, Left Hand, Right Hand, Left Foot, Slide, Slide, Slide, Look at Instructor!!!" At this point you are hanging from the wing support waiting for "Go! Go!" from the instructor. I got three "Goes!" before I released. Then "0ne 1000, Two 1000, Three 1000, Four 1000, Five 1000, Check 1000!" The parachute should now be out and you count the nine pockets and the slider should be all the way down to just above your head. If the lines are tangled, you untangle them and then enjoy the rest of the ride. The tug of the harness as the chute deployed was the most wonderful feeling you can possibly imagine. You then do a flight check, right hand pull turn right, left hand pull, turn left, and then off you go.

We had radios so turning instructions and landing flairs were given from the ground. Landing is done in three stages. First flair slows you down, second flair slows you that much more and final flair brings you to a stop. Those that watched from the ground thought I was coming in way too fast. Landing speed or forward speed is about 25 mph. First flair, (pulling the guides simultaneously to your chest) happens about 25 feet from the ground. Second flair, (pulling the guides simultaneously to your waist), happens about 10 feet from the ground. Final flair, (pulling the guides simultaneously towards your crotch) three feet from the ground and you just step away. And this is how it worked for me, a perfect landing to be matched by only one other person.

Only one ride was problematic. The girl froze early into the flight and could not respond to her radio commands. When asked to turn she would not and as a result headed straight for some power lines. Whether she finally heard the command to turn or did so on her own, she finally headed for the landing field. But she only flaired part way to her waist so the landing sent her tumbling to the ground. She got up however, none the worse for ware.

But what a rush!! Nothing like it! I have never experienced fear quite like this before; even being perched on a cliff with no obvious way down or jumping from a bridge with a piece of elastic attached you your ankles.(Nanimo BungeJump of '93)
Editor's Note: Michael was pretty busy with this project, both hands full, so we don't have any pictures of the event but the Internet abounds with great sites with skydiving pictures. I borrowed the one above, but below are list of sites you might want to check out and find out more about this fast growing sport.
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