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SmokyÌs New Wheels

FTLComm - Tisdale - July 12, 1998

Only two days old, Prince Albertís Highway Patrol Division of the RCMP have a new machine in their arsenal. This new Camero is stationed at Melfort and Saturday the pilot was J. W. Fraser who was showing the flag in Tisdale. As with all Highway Patrol units in Saskatchewan, this car is equipped with a television camera and sealed recording system that monitors the vehicle and its driver. As soon as the carís lights come on the camera, recorder and drivers microphone are activated. It is expected that this equipment will gradually begin to be
installed on all detachment vehicles in the future. It was always important to watch what you say to a police officer but now even more so, as it could very well be recorded.

The use of cameras in police cars could be a power safety piece of equipment for all of us, as one of the most dangerous actions that a driver can take is to drive when he or she is no longer fit to do so. Alcohol is the dominant factor in almost all fatal accidents in this province.