Saw Logs From McKague

FTLComm - Tisdale - January 23, 1999  
Last week in our collection of truck pictures there were a couple of logging trucks and I was at a loss as to explain their origin. This good looking, self loading truck (cherry picker) was stopped as the driver checked over his load before proceeding on to Prince Albert to the Carriere mill which is set up adjacent to the Weyerhaeuser pulp mill. The driver said these logs came from the McKague area though there were two parts to his load. The large logs on the bottom came from near Sylvania and the rest of the load near McKague.

The driver and I both agreed that it was better for logs to go into lumber. He pointed out that the mill he is hauling to has been getting some really big and excellent timber from the Cumberland House area.

It is a pity though I can bring the pictures and even sound from a scene like this, we still have no means of getting you the smell. The sharp pleasant odour of freshly cut spruce is impossible to describe but it suffices to say that the ends of
the logs in the picture had almost a plastic appearance from the sap in them.