FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A week ago today I spotted this odd contraption being snugged down on a trailer at Kramer Tractor. It is no question that this fits the description as odd but then something really is only odd to someone when you have not seen another of its kind.

I went to the source of all information, "google" and within a few minutes there it was, pictures of the extremely widely used Daimler-Benz utility vehicle, originally designed for agriculture as a sort of tractor, the Unimog. Apparently a plant in Germany has been turning these things out by the thousands since the early fifties and they have found fame and affection all over the world. This particular one appears to be "406" version and by the look of it is in remarkable condition. Most of the former military ones are "404" versions and include soft top ones with radio covered boxes instead of a box or flat bed.

With a little looking around I found that they can be purchased new in North America from Benz and there are used ones in all sorts of parts of the continent with most older versions in running condition going for about $10,000 US. When I checked eBay there were ten German Army ones up for sale as a lot with seven running and three for parts, the bid for them at that time, two days be for they were sold was $12,000US for the whole works.

But compared to other military and civilian off road vehicles this looks like the champ. Four wheel or two wheel drive on the fly, top speed of about 60 mph but with clearance well above anything else and the ability to tackle incredible grades as the vehicle was designed with a remarkably low centre of gravity.


Timothy W. Shire

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