Custom Pickup
FTLComm - Tisdale - July 22, 2000
Many time we have shown off the wonders of the North American pick up truck but this is an icon of the breed. Built in the mid fifites both General Motors and Ford realised that there was a market for pickup trucks that would never be used as working vehicles but would be a sport utility vehicle of their era. In many ways they were a sort of sports car with an open back.

The short box was pretty useless to carry anything in and the manufacturers fitted them with engines that would leave smoking rubber and flying stones behind them.

Even when they were being sold new owners would cover them with all sorts of ornamentation. From wolf tails on the radio antenna to
massive chrome ornaments
on the hood, to sunvisors, air horns, and lights of all kinds. The classy pick up of the fifties was meant to be adorned.

It was in the seventies that the trend toward muted moulding began to evolve as hot roders began to concentrate on exterior rather than the mechanics and removing the emblem, exentuating the body shapes and lowering the vehicle became fashionable. It is interesting that these custom trends, which can be seen on this vehicle would move from the custom vehicles to the manufacturer's show rooms in the 80s as painted bumpers and body shape
rather than ornamentation
began to assert itself in the design of vehicles.

This neat Chevy has a "deluxe" cab with its remarkable wrap around back window appearing only two years after cars still had flat split windshields. These were considered very modern and stylish in the time and as we can see with good styling, it lasts and remains impress despite the passage of time. This vehicle has a completely customised interior with beautiful seats and upholstery in matching colour to the exterior.

A really beautiful little machine, not just a means of transport but a personal fashion statement.