Old Ford Pickup

FTLComm - Saskatoon - Saturday, November 10, 2001
Clearly the something more than nostalga going on with a truck like this one. It was photographed last Saturday at a University of Saskatchewan parking lot. The truck has been restored and than given a modern bright orange coat of paint and some modern steel wheels probably to fit modern tires to this vehicle that definitely looks pre-war.

Vehicles like this one were designed as working machines just as modern pickups start out their design life as a piece of equipment that can be used to haul a load and get its driver to and from the work place. But

both in the mid thirties when this vehicle was designed and today truck owners cherish the versatility and durability of a work vehicle that can be used for pleasure or simple transportation.

You really have to admire the classic lines of this old truck. Those swooping fenders both back and front though intended for practical purposes to look after splashing mud and water have the most elegant design to them. Seen here from the back in an untouched photo the old truck looks perfectly modern and with only the custom bumpers and wheels showing the original design is as freash and clean as when the vehicle was produced more than sixty years ago.