FTLComm - Weldon - March 1, 2000
When we first began Ensign one of the first features that was done were the articles on the various towns and communities in this part of Saskatchewan. On the list of villages for future similar articles is the village of Weldon, located mid way between Kinistino and Birch Hills.

Well here is your chance to visit Weldon and get to know something about the community and get a feel for what it is like. Most communities have developed web sites, but Weldon has taken the process of web sites to quite a different level. Instead of emphasising its businesses and services and the usual things a community likes people to know about, Mayor Barry Ward has gone to the essence of Weldon, the people that make up the village and that is what he has on the web site. Pictures of towns folk, the town council, community activities and Barry has been able to capture the town's atmosphere in such a way that you can experience it by visiting the web site.

We have all realised the tremendous power and capability of the Internet but few have realised that what it does best is expose people to one another and what they consider important. Without a doubt the single most important thing on web sites are the pictures and the load of information that is embedded in those images. Below are a few pictures I slipped off the Weldon site and blended them together to give you a sample of what it must be like to be in Weldon.