Brendaren Farm - December 19, 2000 - by: Edwin Wallace

Date: 12/19/00 7:46 AM
Received: 12/19/00 10:10 AM
From: Edwin Wallace,
To: Timothy W. Shire,

Just about another year gone by, Timothy! Thank you for keeping up the good work publishing Ensign .

I'm afraid my contributions to your fine electronic publication have dwindled to just about none over the past 12 months. This is due mainly to a feeling of utter frustration. Where does a person begin?

It seems that most of the elements that we and the generations before us worked so hard to put in place, for a better life for all, are under attack. Ranging from Medicare to public utilities, these safeguards for citizens are being replaced by profit oriented gouging and corporate do-gooderism. This, perhaps, is best exemplified by the lego-piles of food bank canned and boxed food items found in our malls these days, outfitted with signs like: Constructed by Your Favourite Corporation!

To my mind these are only vulgar reminders that the corporate mind set; the hell-bent goal to show a bigger and blacker bottom line, is leaving a wake of crushed and broken lives - including the lives of those who the cutely constructed piles will help feed this winter.

While nearly every politician is eagerly or reluctantly espousing the need for tax breaks for the rich, I, in my perpetual championing-the-underdog mode, advocate better more reliable safety nets for our people - even if that means still higher taxes!

But, I think nobody really wants to hear that. So, here at Brendaren Farm, our silent, long forgotten (By Most) protest of another kind goes on. Our night time farm yard is still in darkness because as you know, long ago, We Turned Off The Yard Light

Best regards to you and yours, Timothy