Lisa (BigEagle) Smoke video taped her husband Charlie being abducted by Immigration official


Insanity Revisited

Brendaren Farms - Friday, January 11, 2002 - by: Edwin Wallace


Canada hasn't learned a goddamned thing.




Not from putting Canadian born Japanese in concentration camps during WWII, or, kidnapping Saskatchewan's native children and giving them over to Catholic, Anglican and other pedophiles and assorted nut cases - all claiming to be people of the one true god.




There have been apologies for those heinous crimes against humanity.


  Now, poor Charley Smoke, is kidnapped from his family, driven to the border to "get lost" even while his wife and children watch. Fortunately, for Charlie's sake, the Yankees are just as crazy as we are here and they didn't want him.


  Tonight, he sits in an RCMP Lockup, awaiting our "justice system's" decision about his life and that of his wife and children.


  I am embarrassed to be counted as a Canadian tonight. It is clearly evident that the system was unable to provide him with needed help when life's struggle forced him to do an unlawful act, by using a fake social insurance number, because that system could not provide him with a birth certificate.


  Hopefully, tomorrow, my confidence will be restored when a judge with a true sense of justice - surely we must have some - deems the system at fault and not Charley Smoke.


  After that, how long will Charley and his family have to wait for an official apology? Well, he has got mine now!


  All any of us who care for reason, compassion, and justice, can do tonight is hope.
  I'm Edwin
  Editor's Note: Charlie and Lisa were students at the Oglala Lakota College in South Dakota and were student activists. It is interesting to note that Lisa's family name, Big Eagle is a respected Lakota name in South Eastern Saskatchewan.
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